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cbse yerba mate pomelo 500g


Yerba mate is a traditional South American drink that can replace coffee, due to its caffeine content, it has stimulating properties.

Yerba mate pomelo and grapefruit are intense and have a mild fruity taste.

The CBSe drink should be used in the diet.

It does not contain artificial colors and preservatives.

Effective in digestive problems, helps to lose weight, has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.


Directions for use:

1) Pour up to 3/4 of the vessel's volume, dry the Yerba Mate and cover the top of the vessel with your hand.

2) Turn the vessel over and shake it so that the dust from the dried fruit is on your hands.

3) Gently turn the bowl over so that the contents do not change its position.

4) Put the bombilla and pour water at 70-80%

5) Wait 2-3 minutes and drink it slowly through the bombilla, remembering not to stir the brew.

Ingredients: Paraguay Holly, pomelo and grapefruit aromas

Country of origin: Argentina

Producer: Establecimiento Santa Ana S.A. Ruta 19km - 127 - Frontera (Pcia. De. Santa Fe)

Best before: Use by date and batch number on the package.

How to Store: Store in dry, tightly closed original packaging.

Net weight: 500g

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