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organic porridge 4 cereal 200g helpa

Manufacturer: HELPA

Bio cereal 4 Helpa is a combination of ingredients that could be found in the synonym dictionary next to the word health.

Buckwheat with its dizzy content of iron, folic acid and vitamin E, effectively reduces pressure, improves bowel function, but also plays a significant role as an energy supplier, which will accompany us long after eating a meal.

Meanwhile, millet is a supplier of easily digestible protein, supports the work of the kidneys and stomach, but also copes well with colds.

The composition of Bio cereals 4 cereals is primarily a collection of gluten-free groats, and therefore those struggling with allergies can eat it without fear ... and enjoy its benefits! The health-promoting properties of amaranth were discovered four thousand years ago by the oldest civilizations in the world - the Maya and Aztecs. Currently, due to the remarkable properties and nutritional values, amaranth has been hailed as the grain of the 21st century and it is impossible to refuse it.

It is an amazing source of iron (which is even better than spinach!) And calcium.

Effectively protects the nervous system, regulates cholesterol levels and is an excellent ingredient in the diet intended for pregnant women.

In turn, quinoa, also known as Quinoa and originating in South America, has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-fungal activity. The high protein content means that for vegetarians and vegans it is an alternative source of obtaining this valuable ingredient.

Ingredients: organic millet porridge 40%, organic buckwheat porridge 30%, organic white quinoa porridge 20%, organic 10% amaranth porridge

The nutritional value of the product in 100 g

Energy value 1520kJ / 364kcal

Fat 3.9 g

saturated fatty acids 0.7 g

Carbohydrates 67 g

of which sugars 0.9 g

12 g protein

Salt 0 g

Net weight: 200g

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