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Anti anxiety herbs Purella Superfoods 35g
  • Anti anxiety herbs Purella Superfoods 35g

purella superfoods super herbs mix sedation 35g


Purella Superfoods Super Herbs Sedation is a mix of sedative herbs for anxiety.

Carefully selected herbs and fruits supporting calming processes.

Sedative and Anti Anxiety Herbs Purella Superfud

Lemon balm leaf - lemon balm infusion has a calming effect, drinking the infusion before bed speeds up falling asleep

Single-hawthorn fruit - indicated in states of irritability, excessive excitability or insomnia

Narrow-leaved lavender flower - has calming properties, relieves stress, makes falling asleep easier

Green tea leaf - has antioxidant properties

Peppermint herb - supports digestive processes

Hop cone - an excellent remedy for problems with sem, has a soothing effect and makes it easier to fall asleep

Ashwahandha - has anti-depressant, anti-stress effect

Herb verbena - improves digestion, improves mood, makes it easier to fall asleep

Ingredients: lemon balm leaf, single-hawthorn fruit, narrow-leaved lavender flower, green tea leaves, peppermint herb, hop cone, ashwagandha-root of lettuce, verbena herb

Preparation of sedative herbs Purella: 1 sachet, pour 200 ml of boiling water.

Brew under cover 3-5 minutes. Use twice a day - before breakfast and dinner.

Warning! Do not use after 6pm. Do not exceed a daily portion of -3.5g of product

Net weight: 20x 1.75g

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