purella supershot - antiox (blackcurrant +acai)


Purella Supershot Antiox - a magic drink enclosed in a tiny bottle.

There is magic involved in handling the ingredients so as to support the body's resistance and act on the antioxidant function.

Supershot Purella is offered, with no added sugar.

Created in the NFC system (Not From Concentrate)

ACAI - dark purple balls containing large amounts of antioxidants.

Anti-cyanides, which give color to berries, protect against cancer and care for a healthy heart. The presence of vitamins E and C and zinc makes the skin look radiant. Thanks to antioxidants, delayed aging processes and struggle with management are formed in the body.

GINGER - rhizome is a rich combination of vitamins and minerals. Wit. A, E, K, C, B1, B2 are just some of the valuable ginger ingredients.

A number of medicinal properties, among others analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, warming effect. Proven diuretic and soothing swelling.

Ingredients: concentrated apple juice, NFC ginger juice 17%, water, concentrated red and black currant juice 12%, NFC lemon juice, Acai powder 0.5%, enriching substance: magnesium.

Supershot Antiox is recommended for everyday consumption to strengthen immunity.

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