Eco Probiotic Drink Probiosport 125ml Bioteria
  • Eco Probiotic Drink Probiosport 125ml Bioteria

Eco Probiotic Drink Probiosport 125ml Bioteria


The refreshing ProbioSport probiotic drink was created as a result of natural fermentation. A sports formula that was aimed at physically active people to ensure faster regeneration after exercise as well as people during rehabilitation. The drink perfectly prevents gastrointestinal ailments. It regulates the peristalsis and defecation.

- helps in sealing and rebuilding the natural intestinal flora
- stimulates the immune system, prevents inflammation
- counteracts oxidative stress - eliminates chronic fatigue
- inhibits the development of mycosis and bacterial infections It has a herbal-fruity aroma and a natural sour taste.

No gluten
Free from lactose and casein
Without dyes and preservatives

Ingredients: water, apple juice 20%, extract from the fermentation process of plants and herbal fruits 8% (rosehips 25%, blackberry leaves 25%, black currant leaves 25%, herb purge 25%), a complex of live strains of probiotic bacteria (m .in. Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, Lplantarum LP 09, Biffidobacterium breve BR 03)

The natural preservative of the product are health-promoting metabolites of probiotic bacteria, including organic acids and antioxidants.

Recommended intake: The recommended daily dose is 125 ml at any time of the day. Shake the bottle well before use. After opening, eat within 24 hours.

Capacity: 125ml

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