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Whey Premium WPC 82 Yoghurt-Blueberry 700g KFD
  • Whey Premium WPC 82 Yoghurt-Blueberry 700g KFD

Whey Premium WPC 82 Yoghurt-Blueberry 700g KFD


Whey Premium WPC 82 Yoghurt-Blueberry 700g KFD

Premium WPC 82 protein Yoghurt and blueberry is a product of the renowned KFD company, which offers comprehensive supplements and nutrients for athletes. This tasty, yoghurt and berry protein supplement based on whey protein is characterized by a high protein content while reducing the content of fats and proteins - because it is created in the ultrafiltration process, which allows the highest purity of the final product. Premium WPC protein is recommended for people actively involved in exercise and strength sports - it allows for faster muscle regeneration after training and increasing their efficiency. In addition, protein supplements support fat burning, leading to a sculpted, healthy figure. Protein from the KFD brand is also agglomerated, thanks to which it does not foam like other products of this type on the market.

Ingredients: whey protein concentrate (from milk, contains sunflower lecithin); A: aroma, B: cocoa, aroma, C: cocoa, D: aroma, acidity regulator, citric acid, E: aroma, color: carotenes (beta-carotene), F: aroma, color: black carrot extract, G: aroma , powdered beet juice concentrate (for color), H: flavor, color: E150c, I: flavor, color: caramel, J: cocoa, flavor, color: E150c; salt, sucralose sweetener (not available for natural flavor). Depending on the taste of the product, the symbol of the ingredients used (A-J) is printed near the date of minimum durability.

The nutritional value of the product in 100 g
Energy value 1591 kJ / 376 kcal
Fat 4.5 g
saturated fatty acids 2.9 g
Carbohydrates 1.8 g
of which sugars 1,8 g

The content of a substance with a nutritional effect 100 g
Whey protein concentrate 100 g
of which protein (dry matter) 85 g
Protein 82 g
Salt 0.30 g

Usage: Pour one portion of 30 g (about 1.5 scoops) into a vessel with 200-250 ml of milk or water and mix. Consume immediately after preparation, depending on individual needs, no more than twice a day. It is suggested to use a scale to measure the exact portion.

Storage: Store out of reach of small children, in a tightly closed container, in a dry and ventilated place, at room temperature.

Net weight: 700g

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