Natural Soap

We are increasingly aware of the negative impact of poorly selected cosmetics for our skin condition. We also know that the composition of many of them is not the best for skin care, it does more harm than good. So we are looking for alternatives to drug store cosmetics, which will contain as many natural ingredients as possible. Our offer includes an organic hand soap based on what nature has created. It comes in many variants, differs in composition and form. 

What is natural soap made of?

We appreciate small companies with great potential and with awareness of goodness that lies in nature. Therefore, we have supplemented our offer with organic natural soap bars by Ajeden. Their base is olive oil which natural soap is very well tolerated by our skin. The composition also includes delicately nourishing goat milk which is perfect for the most demanding skin. For the production of natural soap, the company also used coconut oil, plant extracts such as soothing aloe vera, green clay, avocado oil and many other goods from the environment.

If you would like to implement more natural tones to your daily routine, check out our natural body lotion. It will help you maintain great look without causing harm to environment.  

Natural bar soap or liquid soap? 

You can choose from organic natural soap bars as well as liquid soaps. The first group of soaps is a journey back to the roots, to traditional care. Bar soap works great at home, when only the household members use it. It is best if everyone has their own soap, it is more hygienic. Natural soap UK is more versatile. It has a special pump to dispense the amount of product. 

We recommend only the best natural soap bars uk and liquid soaps. Choose organic soap uk with cleansing properties and more concentrated action.

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