Freeze Dried Fruits

Choose the best freeze dried fruit with high nutritional value

Another delicious and healthy range of products that simply had to be included in our assortment is freeze dried fruit.

This type of food is a great choice, especially during the colder months when the shipment of fresh items is highly reduced or simply too pricey. Of course, many people are wondering, "is freeze dried fruit a healthy option"? The answer is yes! They still keep their nutritional value and are full of vitamins. It means they can be a great addition to your everyday diet and a superb option for healthy snacks. In the 4ecoshop assortment, you will find such freeze dried fruit like raspberries, strawberries, cherries, apples, pineapples and many others. 

Snack on healthy freeze dried fruit

How can you use the best freeze dried fruit in your kitchen? Well, similarly to the fresh ones! It is a perfect food to snack on when you’re feeling peckish. Instead of reaching for sweets, try dried fruit which is much healthier food to nibble on. Of course, that’s not the only use of this product we recommend. It is worth mentioning that freeze dried fruit also retains its main characteristics such as structure, shape, flavour and colour. That is why you can also use it as a breathtaking decoration for cakes and desserts. You may add it on top of smoothies and oatmeals as well, where it will provide additional vitamins.

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