Guaranteed payment security

In the era of electronic payments our own security should be priority for us. We know that most of our customers appreciate the convenience that is a fast payment via internet transfer or payment by card. On our side we have done everything to provide the security of the transaction. Our customers may now use the proven PayPal system that enables fast and secure online transfers.

What is important - you do not have to own a separate PayPal account, and you can make a payment when you log in to the bank account directly after you click the payment method. This reduces the need for data to be transferred, as the entire payment is automatically organized. If you prefer to pay by card, the system guarantees transaction security and protects important data. Due to these solutions we leave you only decisions which products add to the shopping cart and all the pleasure of shopping online.
We will take care of fast delivery and safe payment.

Safe website

In addition to securing the financial transaction itself, it is also significant that the connection with the website also complies with all safety standards. Therefore, to ensure a secure connection, our shop owns
It is visible in the browser window, the padlock symbol guarantees you that access to our shop's website will be just the pleasure of shopping, and not fear of your computer.