In the UK, legumes are more than just a side dish - they are perceived as a source of nutrients and a basic ingredient used in many kitchens across the island nation. From beans and lentils to peas and chickpeas, these often underestimated legumes are packed with protein, fibre, essential vitamins and minerals. The best bit is that legumes aren’t demanding to grow, as they thrive in Britain’s climate and soil conditions, making them accessible and affordable for all.

No matter, if you’re a seasoned cook or just looking for some easy-to-get and healthier eating options, adding legumes to your daily dishes is a simple yet incredibly clever way to help your body stay healthy and strong.

Best Legumes: Variety and Versatility

When picking the best legumes for your next meal, remember that variety is what you probably should go for. You can recognize the best legumes by their characteristic taste and look. Their health benefits give you lots of options for cooking. 

For example, creamy cannellini beans are great in soups and salads, while black beans work well in stews and Mexican food. Lentils cook fast and are good for filling meals, and chickpeas are perfect for crunchy salads and hummus. Trying different legumes can make your meals more interesting and nutritious.

Buy Legumes: Shopping Tips

When buying legumes, it’s important to get good quality ones. Just like dried vegetables, dried legumes are a rich source of many nutrients your body needs daily. The below bags of legumes contain beans of the same size and colour, which proves they’re fresh. Adding these nutritious foods to your diet is an easy way to eat better.

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