Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of those drinks that is perfect for both cold and warm days. On a cold winter's day, it will warm you up after a walk and put you in a pleasant, blissful mood. In summer, on the other hand, it makes a great refreshing snack when served with chilled milk or ice cubes and whipped cream and fruit. We have a wide selection of organic hot chocolate in a variety of flavours. Whether you love it hot or cold, we guarantee it will taste delicious in every variant. This is all thanks to the carefully selected cocoa beans, which give the hot chocolate its unique taste and aroma.

What makes organic hot chocolate better?

We have a wide selection of organic hot chocolates in the range, which are loved by children and adults alike. These incredibly delicious cocoa blends go great with toppings such as nuts, raspberries, caramel, or spices. Most importantly, the ingredients in organic hot chocolate are carefully selected and of the highest quality. In the tin, you won’t find any artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, or thickeners. The sweetness is purely a result of the natural ingredients.

We offer a rich selection of flavours to delight both small and big lovers of hot chocolate. The resulting beverage is distinguished not only by its intense chocolate flavour, but also by its creamy texture and unique aroma. As a result, the flavour is delightful and requires no additives. Users appreciate the taste of hot chocolate, but also the simple way of preparing it. Simply dissolve 2–3 teaspoons of chocolate in a glass of hot milk and stir thoroughly. It is vital to use warm milk, as natural cocoa beans do not dissolve in cold liquids.

The organic hot chocolates on offer are the flagship products of the Polish brand Pizca del Mundo. The brand not only cares about using high-quality ingredients but is also guided by the ethics of the companies it works with. It is worth knowing that the brand's products are marked with the Fair Trade logo – this means that the company cares for and adheres to Fair Trade conditions. 

Also, noteworthy is the original packaging of the organic hot chocolate. It was designed by Wrocław-based artist Paulina Mager.

Take a look at the full range on offer in our shop – we offer high-quality, carefully selected products that will allow you to take care of your health and well-being at attractive prices. For fans of sweets, we also recommend organic cocoa powders

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