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Organic spices, sauces and pudding are healthy additions to dishes, which will enrich their taste and make them taste good for the whole family. In our offer you will find only natural products. We invite you to buy!

We also recommend checking out dried herbs and organic jelly.

Organic pudding, sauces and spices available in our online store:


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    <h2 style="font-size: medium;">Organic cocoa powder - carob</h2> <p><strong>Carob</strong> is a very healthy alternative to traditional cocoa. Because of its properties, you can enjoy a tasty and healthy organic meal. Thus, if you cannot have regular cocoa for various reasons, <strong>organic carob powder</strong> will be a great alternative for you, which you can successfully mix with cakes, cookies or milk.</p> <h3 style="font-size: medium;">A healthy alternative to traditional cocoa</h3> <p>For those who are looking for a healthier alternative to conventional food and cake ingredients, <em>carob powder</em> is the first choice in the 4Ecoshop assortment. <strong>Carob powder</strong> is perfect for allergy sufferers and for anyone who wants to start a slimming diet or simply start a healthy diet. Carob has many valuable properties - it contains, among others, saturated fatty acids, fiber and trace amounts of carbohydrates. Consequently, it has much more nutritional value than traditional cocoa.</p> <h2 style="font-size: medium;">The best carob powder - only at 4Ecoshop</h2> <p>The effects of<strong> bio carob powder</strong> are scientifically confirmed and, what is important, also by many users who have decided to use this valuable dietary ingredient. It has been credited for, among other things, antioxidant, anti-diarrheal and intestinal peristalsis regulating effects. This amazing powder can be used by everyone, regardless of age. It is a tasty and healthy alternative to cocoa, which will help you lose weight, as well as regulate digestive processes.</p> <p>Fancy a sweet yet healthy addition to favorite desserts? - Give <a href="">organic xylitol</a> a try!</p>
  • Organic Ketchup
  • Dried herbs
  • Sugar Free Jelly
    <p></p> <h2 style="font-size: medium;">Organic & low calorie jellies</h2> <p></p> <p>From now on you don't have to say no to sweets - even if you are on a diet. These low-calorie products do not only look delicious, they also satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.</p> <p></p> <p></p> <h3 style="font-size: medium;">Healthy jellies</h3> <p></p> <p></p> <p>Jellies do not have to be unhealthy. Even if you suffer from insulin resistance or have to follow an elimination diet, you can still find something delicious in our 4Ecoshop online store. <strong>Organic, sugar-free jelly</strong> is also a perfect snack for kids - we know how popular jellies are among the youngest fans of sweets. The light alternative to the traditional one is free of harmful preservatives and superfluous ingredients. Thus, you know that your child consumes high quality products that are not processed like traditional candy.</p> <p></p> <p></p> <h2 style="font-size: medium;">Low calorie jelly - something for foodies</h2> <p></p> <p></p> <p>Even if you don't need to limit sweets but just like to eat healthy, <strong>sugar-free organic jelly</strong> will be the perfect solution for you. They are available in many flavors - you will surely find your favorite among them. <em>Jelly with no sugar </em>is also a great idea for a dessert: you can add your favorite fruit and light whipped cream to enjoy the taste you remember from your childhood.</p> <p>If you love sweets and don't want to give them up, or if you want to maintain a healthy diet, then check out our other 4Ecoshop products, featuring many healthy alternatives to traditional sweets. </p> <p>Check out the other <a href="">sugar-free bars</a>. You will find them in our offer!</p>
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