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Hair conditioner

As the name suggests, hair conditioner is meant to nourish the hair. After shampoo, conditioner is the primary hair and scalp care product. These two products should therefore form a synergistic, complementary whole. The composition of a cosmetic determines its effect. A natural hair conditioner is primarily a wealth of ingredients of natural origin. They include plant extracts and oils. It also contains shea butter, which has a multi-purpose effect. Conditioner should be used after every wash or 2-3 times a week.

Organic hair conditioner for normal hair 

Lucky are those with normal hair that does not show any signs of dryness, excessive shedding, oily or frizzy hair. This does not mean that they can go without conditioner. However, hair needs to be well nourished to maintain the satisfactory effect over time. Organic hair conditioner for normal hair is suitable for frequent use. It adds vitality and shine to your hair thanks to ginseng, African plantain and white buttercup. The natural hair conditioner also facilitates combing. 

To provide better care to your hair, use our natural shampoo as well. A set like that will breathe a whole new life into your hair. 

Natural hair conditioner for problematic hair 

Hair type is rooted in genetics, but it is also determined by the environment in which we most often live. The best natural hair conditioner UK will be the answer to your hair's needs. For frizzy hair, aloe vera leaf extract and a cationic ingredient with smoothing properties help. If you have oily hair, consider an organic hair conditioner with Amalaka extract to regulate sebum secretion. For colour-treated hair, use conditioners with moisturizing and regenerating coconut oil and French oak extract to improve hair texture.

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