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Gluten free kissel

Add some sweetness to your life 

Are you looking for some new delicious and healthy sweets? Do you want to learn more about desserts that are popular in other European countries? Great! One of the snacks that can win your heart and taste buds is gluten free kissel! But what even is a kissel? Well, it’s a type of fruit dessert that seems like a jelly but not fully set. It is made by thickening fruit compote and has a somewhat sticky structure. You can eat it warm or cold, depending on your preferences. It is worth mentioning that gluten free kissel is widely popular in Poland and it’s a dessert often given to children, although adults love it as well! 

Try Polish gluten free kissel

Because kissel is made from fruit compote, as you can guess, it is available in numerous fruity flavours. Among the most well-liked ones, you will find strawberry, cherry, raspberry, orange, apple, grape, cranberry, currant, gooseberry and other delicious fruits. Naturally, you can prepare gluten free kissel from scratch, but using instant versions is much quicker. It helps that products in our offer are free of any unnecessary additions, and you can simply enjoy your snack. Of course, in our online store, you will find plenty of other delicious snacks and desserts that won’t do much damage to your health. Definitely try out our sugar free cookies, bars, chocolate and banana chips. You can also reach for puddings and jellies. 


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