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Coconut Milks

Find the best coconut milk - UK

With so many people paying more attention to their diet and the origin of the food they eat, it's no wonder that more and more customers in the UK are now turning to coconut milk. Therefore, we had to include these products in the offer of our online store! So what rules must coconut milk sold in the UK pass? First of all, it should come from cows that have not been treated with any hormones for growth or reproduction.

Animals should also not be given antibiotics, except in the case of sickness. In addition, the cows should graze on the pasture at least 30% of the time. That means cows need to be out on the field for at least 120 days in the year. Of course, we make sure that every product available in our store passes these laws. 

Add some coconutmilk to your diet

Most brands of coconut milk in the UK make sure their products are sterilized at high temperatures, which allows them to have a longer shelf life. This process also can make the milk taste sweeter, so if you're a fan of such flavour, you will definitely appreciate it. What about the health factors? Some studies have found that coconut milk has significantly higher levels of protein, total omega-3 fatty acid, and several other fatty acids. It can be highly beneficial to you. Check out the rest of our organic products or superfoods products and find the ones you absolutely love to see in your day-to-day diet!

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