Whole Grain Pasta

Pasta – healthy and valuable food

Wheat flour is usually used to make traditional pasta. Depending on the type, they can also be based on buckwheat and rye flour. Many producers offer gluten free pasta, but if you carefully analyze their composition, you can find undesirable ingredients in them. The prepared offer includes only healthy pastas, made on the basis of carefully selected ingredients. The products offered include gluten free wholemeal pasta and organic wholemeal pastas. Moreover, in the prepared assortment you will find a wide selection of their types: from gimlets, strings, penne, spaghetti to various types of rice noodles. Such a wide range of gluten-free pasta makes it easier to match them to the type of dish, making it not only unique, but most importantly, tasty.

Our offer includes, among others- gluten free wholemeal pasta

We know well that healthy pastas are eaten not only by adults but also by children. To encourage them to eat healthy, we offer gluten free pasta and other healthy types of pasta, in a shape that resembles animals or different types of vehicles - cars or motorcycles. They encourage eating not only because of their interesting shapes but also colors - every noodle has different color thanks to the use of spinach, tomatoes, beetroot or turmeric. These products will be especially appreciated by parents who want to provide their children with the highest quality ingredients and thus take care of their health.

Why should you choose pasta from our online store?

People who struggle with gluten intolerance have an increased need for vitamins and trace minerals. This is because the damaged intestinal lining cannot absorb the right amount of ingredients. When choosing gluten free wholemeal pastas, choose products that are rich in various nutrients, such as magnesium and zinc, as well as a number of other vitamins. To increase the content of valuable ingredients, we have included healthy pastas with tomatoes, beetroot or spinach in our offer. We invite you to take a look at products from the category of healthy pastas as well as the rest of the assortment. We believe that a wide range of food will not only help you take care of your health, but also improve your well-being.

In this product category you will find gluten free and other healthy pastas to prepare delicious and healthy dishes for the whole family. Ideal for people suffering from gluten intolerance. Different types of pasta, everyone will find something for themselves.

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