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Gluten Free Flour

Gluten-free flour - a healthy alternative in your kitchen

Gluten-free flour is an excellent ingredient for cakes, pasta and sauces. By adding this ingredient, even people suffering from allergies can enjoy their favorite dishes without worrying about experiencing a strong allergic reaction. Check out the 4EcoShop offer and discover how many types of organic flour can replace those containing gluten.

Baking powder and flour - essential kitchen products

If you love cooking and baking, you've probably experimented more than once with ingredients that have their own substitutes, but not everyone knows how to use them. Also, not many people are aware of the fact that there are completely safe meal components that are not allergenic and do not alter the properties of the dish in any way - they often even make it more delicious!

Knowing that you're providing your body with valuable calories and fiber through gluten-free flour will make you more likely to start using it every day in your meals and desserts. Also check out the baking powders available at 4EcoShop and many other beneficial ingredients for maintaining good health.

Want to start a big bake off? - Choose our must-haves, e.g. organic raw honey. Available in our store



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