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Explore delicious range of natural fruit syrups

Are you looking for something yummy yet healthy to sweeten up your life? At 4ecoshop, we have a full range of products that fulfil that criteria and among them, you will find an extensive collection of delicious and nutritious natural fruit syrups! The good news is, you can use them in many forms! You may drink it directly or diluted with water or choose to add it to tea, lemonade, jellies and even homemade desserts. Of course, you can use our natural syrups for soda as well. It's a perfect drink for hot weather. Just mix a few tablespoons of your favorite product with sparkling water and enjoy this refreshing deliciousness! 

Taste the sweetness of natural syrups

So what types of natural syrups are waiting for you in our offer? We've prepared products made of choke berry, elderberry, raspberry, cranberry, wild rose, pomegranate, sea buck thorn, lemon, ginger, dandelion, rowan fruit, plantain, thyme, pine, and many other plants. Each syrup has unique health benefits and can assist you in dealing with varied afflictions. For example, cranberry syrup is commonly used to treat and prevent bladder and urinary tract infections. On the other hand, Elderberry syrup is recommended as a remedy for colds and flu. We’ve also made sure to include some natural syrups that can be used as an excellent alternative to white refined sugar. So if you want to sweeten your drinks and foods in a much healthier way, reach for agave, rice or date syrup.

Try also cream spreads for sandwitches. 

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The series of NFC syrups enriched with herbal extracts was created for the most demanding. Simple composition ensures the highest quality of the product.