Add some sweetness to your diet with cream spreads

Do you have a little bit of a sweet tooth? Do you want to introduce some foods to your kitchen that will help you with this craving but still will be a healthy choice?

Don’t worry - we prepared a range of delicious products for you to choose from! Thanks to our yummy cream spreads, you won’t have to compromise anymore. The good news is, you can use them in the kitchen in various ways. For example, they will taste fantastic with pancakes or added to your favourite oatmeal. You may even use it in cakes, cocktails and smoothies. How about cream spread for sandwiches? Yes, you can just coat a few slices of bread with one of the cream spreads and enjoy this simple yet delicious snack. 

Choose delicious and healthy snacks

So what cream spreads are waiting for you in the 4ecoshop offer? We prepared products made with peanut butter, hazelnut, white chocolate, almonds, Turkish Halva, pistachio, cocoa, coconut, caramel, and many other delicious ingredients. Pick your favourites and use them to prepare some yummy snacks or simply enjoy their taste straight from the jar. Of course, we also included plenty of smooth chocolate creams that can brighten your day! It is worth mentioning that our products don’t contain any added sugars or palm oil. The sweetness you experience while tasting them comes purely from high quality ingredients used in the production process. 


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A perfect addition to sandwiches, pancakes and porridge. It is a rich source of vitamins, so it is worth including it in your daily menu.