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Shower Gels

The skin has many important functions for our body. First, it is a protective coat for internal organs and pathogenic bacteria. It also regulates body temperature and takes care of water and electrolyte balance. Therefore, it deserves special care. The basic cosmetic in every bathroom is shower gel. On drug store shelves you will find a wide range of proposals, among which there are also those that strongly dry the skin, sometimes irritate it and destroy the barrier protecting the body against environmental influences. Natural shower gel is an alternative to all other cosmetics, which contain preservatives, synthetic fragrance additives and SLS. Natural shower gel is free of such substances and up to 99% are naturally derived ingredients. 

How to choose an shower gel?

First, you need to be aware of the needs of your skin. We can distinguish several types of skin, one that has a high tendency to dryness, problematic, delicate and sensitive skin with visible blood vessels, as well as oily skin, the symptoms of which are most often visible on the face. Natural shower gel should correspond to the specific nature of the skin. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the changes in our skin, which occur as the next season approaches.

To keep your skin even softer and moisturized, use natural body lotion after taking shower. Together with shower gel, it will give you the feeling of freshness. 

Our selection includes beBio natural organic shower gel in various options. We recommend organic shower gel UK with pomegranate and goji berries, with bamboo and lemongrass, flaxseed and chia and cherry blossom. We also offer a wide selection of gels under the brand 4organic, where you can also find products for men and children. Z Be sure to take a look at Eco Laboratories' natural shower gel UK, which includes cosmetics formulated with seawater and algae for a regenerative therapy for the skin. 

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