It can’t be denied that the popularity of plant based drinks has increased recently. And rightfully so, as they offer a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional dairy products. 

From almond and soy to oat and coconut, the variety of plant based drinks available nowadays satisfy almost all taste buds, as they meet numerous dietary preferences. These drinks are not only known for their creamy texture and delightful flavour but also for their health benefits, including being naturally low in cholesterol and a good source of vitamins and minerals. 

Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, or simply looking to significantly cut down on your dairy intake, plant based drinks will be the perfect choice.

Plant Based Drinks UK

In the UK plant based drinks come in a variety of flavours and formulations - this way the producers know they offer something for everyone. 

Plant based drinks can be drunk solo - straight from the cartoon - added to smoothies, or simply used as a dairy substitute in coffee and tea, making them a basic ingredient in many British fridges

The growing demand for plant based drinks in the UK has led to innovation in the food industry, resulting in new flavours being introduced regularly, which you can find below.

Where to Buy Plant Based Drinks

Looking to buy plant based drinks in the UK? Below you will find what you need! From almond milk for your cereal to soy drink for coffee, or a tasty oat drink for any time, here you can pick and choose from a great selection of plant based drinks. 

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