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vita natura organic carob powder 150g

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Brand: VITA NATURA   |   EAN: 5906185011150
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BIO Carob powder Vita Natura

Locust bean gum

Carob also occurs under the names of carob pods or ceratonia is a tree derived from the Mediterranean.

This species belongs to the bean family.

Carob are called ground pods from the carob tree. The powder obtained in this way resembles cocoa, but is slightly sweeter. Carob works great in the kitchen as an addition to sweet pastries and desserts, perfectly replacing cocoa.

Importantly, the carob does not contain allergens, so it can be used by people struggling with gastrointestinal diseases. Carob has an extremely low fat content, making it a product suitable for people on a diet and changing eating habits to healthier.

Carob is known for its beneficial effects on the human body. Not only does it improve the work of the nervous and immune systems, but also affects metabolism and strengthens bones. Due to the high content of antioxidants, carob supports the renewal of body cells and inhibits the aging process.

Carob contains many nutrients and microelements necessary for the proper functioning of the body because it is rich in magnet, iron and calcium.

BIO carob powder is an organic product from an organic farm that does not use chemicals.

Ingredients: 100% BIO carob powder

Due to the packaging of products containing allergens in the plant, the product may contain: soy, wheat, gluten, celery, almonds and other nuts.

The nutritional value of the product in 100 g

Energy value 1929 kJ / 222 kcal

0.65 g fat

saturated fatty acids 0.09 g

Carbohydrates 88.9 g

of which sugars 49.1 g

4.6 g protein

80 mg salt

Usage: Cocoa replacement (should be added by half less than cocoa due to naturally occurring sugars) and chocolate. Used for making cakes, cookies and preparing desserts. The powder should be introduced into the diet gradually.

Country of origin: Spain

Store in a cool, dry and dark place in tightly closed original packaging

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