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organic chameleon 316g helpa


An extremely creative solution for young parents who are struggling with children not particularly interested in the contents of their own plate, no matter how much effort was put into preparing the meal. The chameleon is a colorful package, the contents of which will make even the largest eater eager to join dinner, enjoying the extraordinary joy from the meal. What is the uniqueness of the Chameleon? Given the intriguing name of the product, it is impossible not to understand the intentions of the manufacturer, who decided that food can also be a source of fantastic entertainment, full of magic tricks, as well as the first lesson ... of plastic arts.

The set includes a nutritious and healthy bio porridge consisting of a mixture of several delicious porridges and colored magic wands, which will change the color of the bio porridge using a magic spell.

Organic Wands of Taste are actually freeze-dried and powdered fruit and vegetables, thanks to which our children will be able to prepare a delicious and healthy meal on their own, changing their color and taste at their own discretion. T

It must be admitted that such a solution is simply an incredible relief for parents who are not able to convince the baby to eat any meal.

Together with the Chameleon, each meal will become a creative form of food intake, and therefore, will become a real pleasure for our children.

Bio Wand of Flavor is up to eight possibilities, both from the group of fruits and vegetables. Undoubtedly, ingenuity will delight both parents and children who, after meeting such a Chameleon, will certainly not want to leave the table so quickly.


BIO porridge: organic: millet porridge 12.5% ​​oat 12.5%, rye 12.5%, spelled 12.5%, from flat cheese 12.5%, from earthen cereal 12.5%, barley 12.5%, buckwheat 12.5%

BIO wands of taste: organic fruit / freeze-dried powdered vegetables: strawberry, raspberry, black currant, blueberry, plum, beetroot, spinach, pumpkin

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