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organic porridge oat & millet & buckwheat 200g helpa

Brand: HELPA
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There is nothing better than a unique combination of three extremely healthy ingredients and creating one, full-fledged and unique product.

Helpa oat-millet-buckwheat porridge is a fantastic fusion of flavors of three products obtained from the best cereal grains. In this case, oats, millet and buckwheat are an unusual trio that deserves special parental interest.

There is no meal that would be better equipped with all the necessary elements, vitamins and amino acids.

This unique mix of groats means that we are able to conjure up a plate full of huge health resources in their purest form in a few minutes. Organic oat-millet-buckwheat porridge is a source of easily digestible protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. Regular consumption of this triple health bomb will significantly increase immunity, but will also help to relieve chronic stress and tension. In addition, buckwheat is an excellent supplier of proteins.

It also contributes to the improvement of digestive processes and is in many circles treated as a therapeutic agent that fights against all stomach problems - from diarrhea to painful constipation.

It also helps with various ailments associated with the digestive tract and effectively copes with excessive acidification of the body. Bio porridge is a delicious and nutritious meal for babies, although it is recommended to eat it to everyone, regardless of age or culinary tastes. Grinding in no way affects its nutritional value, and certainly is a facilitation for the baby, who ordinary porridge can cause a real problem.

Ingredients: organic millet porridge 40%, organic oat porridge 40%, organic buckwheat porridge 20%

The nutritional value of the product in 100 g

Energy value 1610 kJ / 382kcal

Fat 4.5 g

saturated fatty acids 0.8 g

Carbohydrates 69 g

of which sugars 1 g

13 g protein

Salt 0 g

Net weight: 200g

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