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Helpa UK - for your whole family

Do you want to take even better care of your loved ones? Are you looking for healthy foods that can sustain your whole family and still be affordable? Helpa can assist you with that! The brand was created by two moms - a doctor and a dietitian - who wanted to make healthy products accessible to everyone, especially kids. As a result, each piece of the company’s offer has carefully chosen ingredients and no added sugars, aromas, preservatives or dyes. Helpa products are made out of locally sourced and proven raw materials. For example, in foods that contain fruits, the brand uses only freeze-dried fruits in order to preserve their freshness and high quality.

Helpa shop - healthy parenting made easy

In the assortment, you can discover plenty of native varieties of Polish grains that can be used as a base for many delicious meals. Helpa UK included Organic Expanded Millet, Organic Expanded Amaranth, and Organic Expanded Buckwheat. The collection is also filled with many versions of one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods - porridge. You can purchase various flavours and be sure that each of them is packed with vitamins and amino acids needed for the development of your children. In the Helpa shop, you can also find organic bars, which were created for the most demanding group in any family - its youngest members. And if you’re looking for something in a liquid form, you can always reach for an organic smoothie puree with the addition of porridge.

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