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Herbs to Boost Immune System Puerlla Superfood
  • Herbs to Boost Immune System Puerlla Superfood

purella superfoods super herbs mix resistance 35g


The Super Herbs Resistance Purella blend is a mix of carefully selected herbs and fruits that support immunity. Special selection of immune boosting herbs will make you stronger and resistance against viruses and batteries. 

Vitamins and herbs to boost immune system

Rosehip fruit - a red vitamin bomb, one of the richest plants in vitamin C

Plantain leaf - has expectorant effect, cleanses the lungs of phlegm

Rowan fruit - has a high content of vitamin C, has anti-inflammatory effect

Nettle leaf - considered a natural antibiotic, prevents fluid retention in the body

Gray purge herb - scientifically confirmed inhibitory effect on Candida fungus (pneumonia rod)

Lemon peel - helps eliminate toxins from the body, has anti-cancer properties

Star anise fruit - antibacterial, antifungal, support in the fight against respiratory diseases

Large fruit cranberry - cranberry has a diuretic, bactericidal effect, an excellent source of vitamin C

Camu camu berries - a powerful two-vitamin C, anti-inflammatory, a source of antioxidants

Ginseng root - stimulates the immune system to act, protects against microbes and viruses

Ingredients: wild rose fruit, plantain leaf, rowan fruit, nettle leaf, cistus herb, lemon lemon peel, star anise, cranberry fruit, camu camu berries, ginseng root

Preparation method: Pour 1 sachet of immune boosting herbs with water at a temperature of 95-100 degrees C.

Brew under cover 3-5 minutes. Use twice a day - before breakfast and dinner.

Warning! Do not use after 6pm. Do not exceed a daily portion of -3.5g of product

Net weight: 20x 1.75g

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