dates dried 500g vita natura

Dried pinpple dates are a tasty and healthy snack that will successfully replace sweets.

Dried pinpple dates are a tasty and healthy snack that will successfully replace sweets. These exceptionally sweet nuts do not only delight in taste, but also provide many nutritional benefits. In dates, there is a lot of vitamin A for good vision and beautiful skin and vitamins B that support proper nervous system function and immunity. In addition, dates are abounding in the hypotensive potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and rare in the diet of boron. These exotic fruits also contain natural salicylates that thin the blood and protect the body from thrombosis. In dates we find a lot of valuable fiber that protects against atherosclerosis and diabetes, cleanses the body of toxins and promotes slimming. Vita Natura's tryptophan improves mood and taurine helps to sleep and protects against depression. Dates are an ideal snack for everyone, and they will work best for long periods of physical or mental effort, because they provide easy-to-reach energy.

Ingredients: dried dates 100%

Despite our efforts, the product may contain stones or fragments.

Nutritional value of the product

In 100 g

In 1 serving 35.5 g *

Energy value

1180 kJ/ 282 kcal

418 kJ/ 100 kcal


0,39 g

0,2 g

Including acids

Fatty saturated

0,03 g

0,01 g


75,03 g

26,7 g

including sugars

63,3 g

22,5 g


2,45 g

0,9 g


0,002 g

0,0007 g

*5 pieces

Allergen Information:

We inform you that the product may contain traces of allergens * due to the way the product is packed in the production facility.

* Allergens:

wheat, gluten, soybeans, sesame, almonds, nuts


Keep in a dry, cool and shady place.

Once opened  from the package, the datyas are ready for consumption.

Net Weight: 500g

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