List of products by brand TARGROCH

Buy Targroch in UK and enjoy delicious meals

If you happen to be looking for delicious and healthy food at affordable prices, you should definitely see what Targroch has to offer! The assortment of this Polish brand is filled to the brim with food and drinks that should have a place in your kitchen. In the Targroch collection, you will discover dried and candied fruit, such as coconuts, bananas, apples, figs, cranberries, cherries, or raisins. The brand didn’t forget about desserts as well! You can enjoy Dates Bar with extras or Peanuts in Caramel. Of course, you also can taste various delicious pastes from Targroch UK. Peanut Crunchy Paste, Caramel With Salt Cream, Hazelnut Paste, Coconut Paste, Cocoa Cream With Orange Flavor are just the beginning! 

Add a healthy spin to your meals with Targroch

In the brand offer, you will also find ingredients that will serve as a base for many dishes. Targroch included such products as Inactive Yeast Flakes, Millet Flour, Paraboiled Rice, Plantago Psyllium Grain, Quinoa Flour, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Rye Flour Type 720, Sushi Rice, Ground Fenugreek and Linseed Oil. Of course, Targroch UK provides delicious drinks as well! You can check out the impressive assortment of juices and choose from such options as Cranberry, Blackcurrant, Chokeberry, Quince, Rosehip, or Turmeric and Lemon. And if you prefer hot drinks, you can reach for aromatic teas that will not only taste great but also can strengthen your immunity, accelerate wound healing and offer you some essential antibacterial properties.

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