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Dried Apples With Cinnamon 18g Crispy Natural

Dried Apples With Cinnamon 18g Crispy Natural

Brand: Crispy Natural   |   EAN: 5900238964356

Dried Apples Crisps with cinnamon 18g Crispy Natural

Dried apple chips with cinnamon Crispy Natural is a healthy and tasty snack made of natural apples dried with the innovative MIRVAC method. Natural fruits are not dried with fat, nor are they baked, so they retain all the nutritional properties of the unprocessed fruits. Natural apple chips contain a large amount of fiber, which supports metabolism and the proper functioning of the digestive system. The simple composition does not contain preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. Thanks to the addition of cinnamon, the crisps have a spicy apple pie flavor.

Ingredients: Apple, cinnamon, concentrated apple juice.

Allergens: The product may contain milk (including lactose).

The nutritional value of the product in 100 g
Energy value 1539 kJ / 364 kcal
Fat 0.4 g
saturated fatty acids 0.1 g
Carbohydrates 81.2 g
including sugars 73.3 g
Fiber 13.7 g
Protein 2.0 g
Salt 0.01 g

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place. Consume immediately after opening the package.

Net weight: 18g

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