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Fast and safe delivery:
In the course of choosing Courier Company which delivers parcels for you, we have paid special attention to punctuality, safety of goods and brand reputation. In effect, deliveries from our shop and warehouse are realized by professional company that is Royal Mail, DPD, Collect +, My hermes. As well as our shop and our customers appreciate convenience this is given by choosing courier as the way of delivery. In particular, we keep in mind the fact that products offered by us are the highest quality but also very sensitive to transport. While packing parcels, we are trying to find every parcel€™s way into yours hands in perfect condition and in the shortest possible time since make an order and pay it by a customer.

Optimization delivery€™s costs:
We know that, during online shopping we are taking into account not only convenience but also money savings. We put a lot of effort to optimize delivery€™s costs. All orders over 45 GBP have free delivery in the United Kingdom.


Country2-5 kg5-10 kg10-15 kg15-20 kg20-25 kg
England, Scotland, Wales 4.89 GBP 4.89 GBP 6.99 GBP 7.99 GBP 9.99 GBP


Country0-1 kg1-2 kg2-5 kg5-10 kg
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland 2.99 GBP 3.99 GBP 4.99 GBP 5.49 GBP


Country0-1 kg1-2 kg2-5 kg
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland 3.99 GBP 3.99 GBP 5.99 GBP


Country: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland0-1 kg1-2 kg
1 st Class (Not tracked ) 3.79 GBP 5.49 GBP

The way of delivery Delivery time Advance payment

We are prefer instant delivery:
We understand that long waiting for orders it€™s a problem of many online shops. Hence, our main aim is to shortening delivery time to the maximum. After two working days you will be pleased with your ordered products. It is possible due to efficient realization of orders: all orders made until  9am  are realized on the same day! However, if you make an order after  9am, you can be sure that your order will be prepared to send the next day. This system works due to physical availability of all products offered by our shop in our warehouse. There is no situation that product is available for customer but we have to wait for its delivery. For you it is a guarantee of fast realization of an order and lack of situation that purchased product turns out to be unavailable and the same impossible to realize.