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Satisfy your sugar cravings and try Florbu sugar-free cookies

Do you want to live healthy while still enjoying delicious cookies? It's not impossible! There are plenty of brands that offer products that are extremely tasty and nutritious at the same time. One of them is Florbu, a Spanish brand established at the beginning of 1948. It has shown again and again that it knows how to preserve its traditions while simultaneously innovating the offer. It's worth highlighting that Florbu cookies don't contain any sugar or unnecessary additions, which is why they're recommended for athletes, people on a diet, or anyone who wants to eat healthily.

Florbu cookies - eat sweets without remorse

What will you find in the company assortment? Florbu sugar-free cookies come in many different versions, including digestive wholegrain biscuits or wafers. Some of them have added flavours such as cinnamon, milk, lemon, chocolate, and so on. They're made with whole grain wheat or barley flour, full of plant fibre, which allows you to maintain the feeling of satiety for much longer and boosts the metabolism. The sweetness of Florbu cookies is achieved thanks to a natural sweetener - maltitol . It's a healthier and less caloric sugar substitute that raises blood glucose levels at a slower pace. Of course, Florbu is just one of the many brands in our assortment. At 4ecoshop, you will find plenty of other manufacturers like Meybona or Soligrano that offers delicious and healthy sweets. Check them out and see for yourself! 

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