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Meet Helcom - your natural spreads and jams’ producer

Do you want to have something different in your sandwich than the standard ham and cheese? Eating similar things constantly might get monotonous, right? Thankfully, you can break out of this monotony with Helcom Pastes, Spreads, and Jams. If you are looking for something new and refreshing for breakfast, this is the right place! Helcom is a Polish company preparing natural preserves - from fruit jams to fish pastes. They have over 20 years of experience, thus you can be sure that they know what they’re doing! Their sweet fruit pastes, delicious fruits in jelly and distinguished fish spreads will set you on a journey to culinary lands previously unknown. Trying their distinctive products will completely change the way you think about food. Surprise your friends with Helcom fruit paste sandwiches when they visit you for a tea - after all, although tea is a tradition in the UK, nobody said that you cannot add a twist to it. So do not wait - get the most tasty pastes and healthy spreads and enjoy mouthwatering sandwiches.

Helcom pastes will let you diversify your meals

What stands out in Helcom is how diversified their products are. You have so many flavours and types to choose from that each of your meals will be different. Want to try something fruity? You can select from different fruits in jelly, or several fruit pastes. And if you prefer something else, you can pick Helcom vegetable pastes, or their fish spreads. Your only limit now is your imagination! Additionally, Helcom pastes are a healthy, natural option. Their fruit pastes do not have any added sugars, and many of them are gluten-free. So even if you are on a strict diet, perhaps it’s your choice or maybe as a result of an allergy, you will find something suitable among the Helcom pastes and spreads

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