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With Basia Basia sweets can be healthy

Natural sweets don’t need to have tons of artificial flavour enhancers or unnecessary additives - their taste can be the best weapon. And that’s exactly how Basia Basia creams are made. This Polish brand prides itself in creating products that contain only necessary and natural ingredients that are easy to pronounce for every customer. The company pays close attention to the quality of its components and chooses only raw materials, which are then processed in a high quality production facility. It’s important to note that Basia Basia manufactures their nut butter in small batches, which means you always get a fresh product instead of the one that’s been laying in a warehouse for weeks or even months.

Taste the smoothest Basia Basia creams

What kind of products will you find in Basia Basia UK offer? The brand is well-known for its natural creams made from various nuts, such as hazelnut, peanut, cashew and almond. They come in numerous flavours, including the ones with bananas, coconuts, white chocolate or dates. The pure and delicious taste of nut butter is just the beginning. It’s worth noting that Basia Basia packages all of their products in glass jars as well, which can then be used by the customers in their homes or recycled. Do you want to find even more tasty and nutritious products? Check out the rest of our assortment and discover some new favourites worth introducing to your everyday diet. See other cream spreads.

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Only natural ingredients.
Suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian.