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Find the most natural, pro-health beverages among the Premium Rosa products available in the UK. This wide range of juices, teas, and syrups will be a tasty and nutritious addition to your diet, so you absolutely need to try them.

Why should you try Premium Rosa products?

Premium Rosa products are known for their 4 features: traditional recipes, authenticity, health benefits and high quality. These Polish juices, teas, and syrups are prepared with the finest fruits and vegetables. Unlike any traditional juices, which are usually made from juice concentrate, which is first sucked out of water and then diluted with it, Premium Rosa products are made from 100% organic fruit juice – without any additions. So, if you strive for a fully natural drink, this is the best option for you!

Premium Rosa – a whole range of flavours to choose from

There are a number of Premium Rosa fruity flavours available in the UK. From some classics like apple or strawberry to more tropical like mango – drink a natural fruit juice that suits your literal taste. Add to it numerous syrups, which you can mix with water or simply add to your favourite afternoon tea, and you get a plethora of options for mouthwatering beverages.

Reap the health benefits of drinking Premium Rosa products

The juices and syrups by Premium Rosa aren’t simply tasty – they also come with numerous advantages for your health. From ones that boost your immunity to those that will cleanse your body – the range of positive effects is wide. So, if you desire a beverage that is both delicious and healthy at the same time, choose Premium Rosa.

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The series of NFC syrups enriched with herbal extracts was created for the most demanding. Simple composition ensures the highest quality of the product.