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Targroch soy flour, gluten free.
  • Targroch soy flour, gluten free.

soy flour 1kg targroch

expiry date 09.2022
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Soy flour belongs to a specific category of products used as flour, although not derived from cereals.

These are finely ground soybeans.

Soya flour in your diet

Suitable for people on a gluten-free diet, soy flour is enriched in protein, a source of dietary fiber.

A wealth of vitamins and minerals. The most important, present in large quantities, include: vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 also phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, potassium, sodium. Targroch flour is an excellent source of antioxidants.

Soy flour is heavier, coarser and more aromatic than wheat flour.

It is characterized by a nutty aroma and a very fluffy texture.

Soybeans flour - what can we use it for?

  • thickening sauces and soups
  • for making macaroni and dumplings

The product has the ability to bind water, making it a sticking ingredient for vegans

Net weight: 1 kg

Country of origin: Czech Republic

If you struggle with gluten intolerance, give gluten free bars a try. In our shop you may find gluten free pastas too!

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