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Choose oats porridge for a good morning

Beginning your day with a delicious and filling breakfast can really set a proper tone for your whole day, which is why we made sure to add nutritious porridge oats to our offer. We all know that it’s a perfect product for preparing oatmeal, but what even are porridge oats? This category includes oats that are cut or crushed. As a result, they become small oat pieces that don’t have a consistent size or shape. The good news is this food contains a lot of beta-glucans, protein and fibre, which helps you maintain good blood and cholesterol levels. 

Prepare wholesome porridge

One of the biggest pluses of porridge oats is the fact that preparing breakfast is quite an easy and quick task. In just minutes, you can have a delicious and filling meal that will do wonders for your gut health. If you like your porridge hot, just mix the oats with hot milk, water or some other vegetable drink. Then cook everything for a few moments, and it’s done! You can eat your oats porridge cold as well. Just add your liquid of choice into the oats and put it in the fridge for the night - in the morning, your breakfast will be ready to eat. If you’re looking for some other healthy foods, be sure to browse our complete assortment. You will find a wide range of nutritious and yummy products such as jams, spreads, whole grains, pasta, dried fruitstea, coffee and even some desserts. 


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