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acerola natural vitamin c 250ml premium rosa


Natural Acerola Vitamin C from Premium Rosa is a unique combination of an apple juice and juice squeezed from exotic fruits from Central America this is acerola.

Manufacturer: PREMIUM ROSA

Natural Acerola Vitamin C from Premium Rosa is a unique combination of an apple juice and juice squeezed from exotic fruits from Central America this is acerola. This unique composition is an invaluable source of vitamins, organic compounds, antioxidants that have a very positive effect on our health. Complementing the daily diet with an apple juice and acerola, you can be sure that it will strengthen the body's immunity and prevent many ailments.

What is the most important, acerola is the largest and natural source of vitamin C. In these inconspicuous fruits there are from 1000 to even 4500 mg of vitamin C per 100 g of a product. Three acerols per day meet the demand for this ingredient. In addition, the fruit is rich in vitamin A, anthocyanins and beta-carotene, which is, strong antioxidants.

Due to its health-promoting ingredients, acerola juice is an effective remedy for infections, colds, problems with the circulatory system, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. The product also has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer effects. Combats the symptoms of rheumatism, strengthens bones and joints, supports liver function and reduces fatigue.

Acerola is perfect fruit for people suffering from vitamin deficiencies, weakened, often catching cold and having problems with the heart or circulatory system. A high dose of vitamin C and antioxidants will have a beneficial effect on the whole body.

In addition, acerola juice strengthens the eyesight, due to the vitamin A contentment and has an antiallergic effect. Studies have shown that it improves the appearance, slows down the aging process, soothes wrinkles and provides a radiant look to the skin.

In addition, the Premium Rosa product also contains an apple juice, which enriches the acerola effect. It provides primarily valuable polyphenols that have very beneficial healing properties. First of all, they protect the body against the development of cancer, have anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antiallergic properties.

We should reach for an apple juice as often as it is possible, because its regular consumption protects against atherosclerosis, heart diseases and strengthens the body's general immunity.

The combination of acerola juice with an apple juice is a real vitamin and antioxidant bomb that will strengthen the body, prevent diseases and give energy. It is worth reaching for the product of the company Premium Rosa, especially in autumn and winter, when our immune system is the most put to the test. Juice can also be used prophylactically, to enjoy of good health and well-being for as long as possible.

This juice is rich in natural vitamin C from acerola fruit. Acerola is a variety of cherries, which is characterized by an extremely high content of vitamin C in comparison with other fruits. Natural vitamin C is essential for the proper functioning of the immune and vascular system.

1083 mg of natural vitamin C in this bottle

Sediment is a natural phenomenon. Shake before consumption.

Ingredients: 70% acerola juice, 30% apple juice

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