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Kłodawska Rock Salt Pink Thick 1kg Pięć Przemian
  • Kłodawska Rock Salt Pink Thick 1kg Pięć Przemian

Kłodawska Rock Salt Pink Thick 1kg Pięć Przemian

Manufacturer: PIĘĆ PRZEMIAN

Sól Kłodawska comes from the Kłodawa mine, where its roots date back 250ml years. The traditional method is mined, thanks to which it retains its most valuable properties and elements. It is a mineral distinguished by a high degree of purity. It is not leached (chemically purified), which makes it an ideal source of microelements that have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes and has a beneficial effect on the body's electrolyte balance.

Apart from being used in the kitchen, Kłodawska salt is also used in cosmetics, household, chemical industry, agriculture and natural medicine.

- throat disinfectant
- anti-edema effect
- a reliable remedy for migraine headaches
- helpful in the prevention of thyroid diseases
- has a whitening effect to
- helpful in rinsing the throat and mouth


- cleaning irons
- whitening curtains and tablecloths
- cleaning stained marble surfaces
- removing wine stains

As one of the few salts, it does not contain E 536 (POTASSIUM ferrocyanide)

Ingredients: 100% Kłodawska salt

Recommended storage conditions: The product should be stored in a cool and dry place in a tightly closed container.

Net weight: 1 kg

Country of origin Poland

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