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Tropical Fields – tropical taste of your healthy food

Do you want to find even more delicious snacks that will enrich your diet? Are you looking for products that are healthy, nutritious and easy to grab on the go? Try Tropical Fields! This unique brand provides wafers and fruit snacks that don’t contain any added artificial ingredients. Just healthy ingredients and perfect taste! One of the most popular products from Tropical Fields are crispy wafers made out of real coconut milk. They are also layered with dark chocolate that immediately melts in your mouth. Meanwhile, the addition of roasted black sesame perfectly complements the taste of the wafers and balances out all the ingredients. Try for yourself!

Tropical Fields – healthy food you can grab on the go

Another great proposition from Tropical Fields? It’s Crispy Coconut Rolls! They’re made only from a couple of natural ingredients, such as coconut milk, tapioca flour, black sesame seeds, water, and salt. It’s a great product to take with you to school, work or on a trip. Of course, Tropical Fields food is just the beginning of what 4ecoshop has in its offer. If you want to discover even more healthy snacks and other products, check out the rest of our store. You will find there organic superfoods, whole grains, jams, spreads, honey, olive oils, nuts, dried fruits, dietary supplements, gluten-free products and even beverages full of nutritious value. Which ones will you add to your cart?

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