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Do you still have a little bit of a sweet tooth? Are you looking for a brand that manufactures tasty and healthy sweets? Aka is one of the companies worth your attention! It provides delicious products such as Fruit Candy, Lollipops, Dragees, and even Xylitol Meringues. Of course, each of them is formulated without the addition of traditional white sugar, dyes or preservatives. Aka sweets get their outstanding taste from xylitol - a natural sweetener sourced mainly from the birch. It is a much healthier alternative to white sugar, and it can be consistently used by diabetics, people on a low-protein diet and those who pay attention to their figures. Which tasty Aka products will appear in your home?

Discover Aka - healthy sweets for you and your whole family

Among the Aka healthy food you will find not only sweets, but pure xylitol as well, which can become a true staple in your kitchen. This ingredient has 40% less calories than white sugar and thanks to low glycemic index it doesn’t raise blood glucose levels. It's a perfect addition to desserts, cookies, cakes and can be used to sweeten various beverages too. Do you want to find even more healthy and tasty foods? Then check out the rest of our offer! At 4ecoshop, you will discover a wide range of oats, pastas, nuts, dried fruits, jams, spreads, teas, spices and various other products that can boost your everyday diet. See for yourself!

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Xylitol ("birch sugar") is a natural sweetener, sourced mostly from the birch. Xylitol is a healthy alternative to sugar suitable for diabetics, people on a low-protein diet and health-conscious and figure.