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Do you want to make sure that your kids are receiving all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for their development? Sometimes a healthy diet itself is not enough to achieve that. In such cases, it’s worth reaching for supplements, which can help you provide the right balance. Starpharma is one of the best brands on the market that offers such a solution. Among the most popular products of this company is a range of dietary supplements and functional sweets and other products for kids. They are offered in various forms, like pastilles and lollipops, so your child can pick their favourite. Of course, Starpharma UK offers several delicious flavours of the supplements, such as mango, pineapple, sparkling cherry, orange, raspberry, strawberry and lemon. Which one will you choose?

Support the proper development of your child with Starpharma 

What nutrients are contained in the Starpharma supplements? One of the most essential ingredients is Vitamin D, which is crucial during the period of intensive growth in children as it can help maintain healthy bones and teeth. This substance can boost the proper absorption and use of calcium as well. It’s worth remembering that lollipops and pastilles are sugar-free and low-calorie. They don’t contain any artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. Each product is gluten and lactose-free as well. Are you looking for more supplements not just for your kids but for adults as well? Then don’t wait and check out the full assortment of 4ecoshop.

Also check out the HELPA brand, which also offers healthy products for children.

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Finnish xylitol and steviol glycosides
Ingredients of plant origin
It does not contain sugar
Natural flavor and color
Without preservatives
Gluten-free product
Product without lactose