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Small and big healthy little something for smaller and bigger gourmands, who love sweet snacks, but also count calories, take care of their silhouette and try to avoid excessive kilograms. Ewa Chodakowska perfectly understands these kinds of dilemmas, that's why she created the Be Raw brand, which consists of healthy snacks produced only of products beneficial to our bodies. They do not contain sugar, synthetic colorants and flavor enhancers or any other leavening agents. You are familiar with everything included in the formula and even use it in your kitchen on a daily basis. Be Raw Ewa Chodakowska is a brand that stimulates our taste buds and proves that great taste combines very well with health and natural composition.

Classic Be Raw bars and biscuits

Snacks, with which you can successfully replace your sweet little sins. They are sugar-free, gluten-free, 100% natural and moreover, they are vegan, which means they meet all the huge demands of people who are concerned about their body, figure and well-being. Most Be Raw bars and cookies are based on dates - sweet fruits being an antioxidant bomb. They also contain freeze-dried fruits, delicious dark chocolate, whey protein concentrate, vanilla, flaxseed and many other excellent ingredients that positively affect our body. Be Raw bars and cookies can be treated as a post-workout and pre-workout snack, a little "something" for a little hunger during the day, a second breakfast, or as a way to fulfill the needs for something sweet. We promise, these are healthy sweets, which really sweeten up the sometimes dull reality.

Be Raw Superfoods, the food that your whole body loves

Not only bars and cookies, but also more nutritious Be Raw UK products are available in our store. Ewa Chodakowska will take care of your breakfast, offering you nut creams made from 100% fruit, without any other ingredients. We also offer tasty fruit smoothies, in which you will find the same delicacies in a liquid version. Be Raw Ewa is an alternative to sweetened with white sugar and artificially reinforced sweets and snacks. It's always a better choice!

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