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Primavika is one of the most recognisable producers of high-quality vegetarian and vegan food. In their offer, you’ll find peanut butter, tahini, vegetarian paprikash, lentil pate, veggie bowls, and hummus. Primavika claims to be a brand that focuses on food quality and is socially responsible by producing healthy foods, promoting a vegetarian lifestyle, and sharing its comprehensive nutrition knowledge with customers.

Primavika - healthy food for a healthy body

By choosing Primavika UK, you can easily implement the rules of a healthy lifestyle and vegetarian diet into your life. The brand offers a wide range of carefully designed products - currently, you can choose from several dozen types of dishes, pates, hummus, paprika, and other spreads. 

Moreover, supporting a family business is always a good idea, especially if you share Primavika’s values, such as raising awareness about proper nutrition, supporting non-governmental organisations, and cooperating with nutritionists.

Are you looking for a variety?

Suppose you have grown tired of regular peanut butter. In that case, Primavika has good news for you - cashew butter with dried apple and cinnamon will surely get along with your morning oats, while roasted almond butter added to your PB&J will make your day brighter. Instantly!

Primavika - organic products at your fingertips

What you might not have known yet, Primavika also owns the Primaeco brand, which offers plenty of certified ecological products.  In 4ecoshop, you’ll find organic spicy tomato ketchup or organic spicy mustard - we’re sure you will love it.

With Primavika organic products, you’ll be able to diversify your diet quickly - whether you’re vegetarian or just looking for healthy pre-made meals.

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Combination pate everybody love peppers and lentils will find something for self. Lentils, like soy, contains a lot of potassium, calcium and magnesium and B vitamins, and the addition of vegetables even this amount of nutritional supplements

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Mexican pate with rich in protein, dietary fiber and potassium, calcium, magnesium, beta carotene and folic acid.

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Vegetarian paprikash is a great alternative to the fish version of this dish. The product will be especially appreciated among vegans and vegetarians,

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Almond blossom is a real treasure trove of health and valuable nutrients. Almonds belong to the most nutritious nuts