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Baking homemade goods have never been more accessible. With Biovegan organic products, you can start your own little bakery and surprise your family with mouth-watering, delicious sweets and bread!

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Biovegan is a German brand offering high-quality organic baking products. No emulsifiers, no artificial additives - only what’s best for your (and your loved ones) health. Biovegan gluten-free products are the best thing that could happen to people with celiac disease or those who are gluten intolerant. With Biovegan’s help, you can finally start baking fresh bread that’s not stone-hard or your favorite chocolate-chip cookies, all completely gluten-free, as the manufacturer guarantees the total absence of gluten in the product.

100% vegan, 100% healthy - Biovegan

Even more important to many, Biovegan’s products are also 100% vegan. In addition, they managed to get certified with V-Label, the seal of quality for vegan and vegetarian products. And even though it may not be surprising that the product is vegan when talking about baking soda or yeast, it certainly is worth mentioning when it comes to a whipped cream vegan fix. It’s a true revolution in baking and decorating homemade sweets, as Biovegan’s whipped cream fix doesn’t contain any animal ingredients (so it’s also lactose-free) or even gluten. It’s all thanks to corn and potato starch, creating a perfectly fluffy and long-lasting whipped cream.

Check out Biovegan organic products in our shop and buy anything from a vast offer of baking products, from sourdough and yeast to ready-to-bake products, such as toppings or food dyes. 

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