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bee pollen 100g Ślachetka

bee pollen 100g Pasieka Ślachetka


Bee Pollen medicinal properties and nutritional pollen mainly depend on the plant species from which the pollen comes from.

Presented product is of the highest quality pollen. List of its beneficial properties is much longer than the honey, and the two components are very similar taste. For this reason it has become increasingly popular.
Presented pollen is a product of the highest quality. It is a product of natural origin, as it were a by-product of honey bees.
It comes from a well known and valued apiary Joseph Slachetki. It contains no preservatives or flavor enhancers, so it is full blown.
Pollen is an incredibly rich source of numerous minerals and vitamins.
It is difficult to find a vitamin, which would not contain, in its composition also has copper, potassium, manganese, iron, calcium and phosphorus.
Regular consumption equalizes the demand for nutrients and minerals. Has a substantial impact on the functioning of the entire body, enhances immunity, prevents anemia, nourishes the skin, hair and nails. Its biggest advantage is, however, slightly sweet flavor, which will encourage you to eat children.
Dosage pollen should start with small portions (about half a teaspoon for an adult) and does not exceed 2-3 teaspoons a day.

IngredientsPollen pollen basket 100%

Method of preparing: It is recommended intake of 3 times a day spoon (adults), 1 teaspoon per day (children), after meals, preferably with honey. Avoid adding to the fluid at a temperature higher than 45 degrees C.

People suffering from allergies should exercise caution.

StorageStore in a dry, cool and shady place.

Net weight: 100g

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