Zero Waste

If you are looking for products at lower prices and at the same time want to live ecologically - you've come to the right place!
In the ZERO WASTE section you will find our flagship products with a use-by date of less than a month or those that have already exceeded the use-by date specified on the packaging - but this does not mean that they are no longer suitable for use in the kitchen.
If you need ingredients that you will use to create delicious homemade baked goods or nutritious dishes in the next few days, do not hesitate to give a second chance to products that would otherwise have to be disposed of.

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Natural almond cream, the perfect addition to pancakes.

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  • Expiry date 30.11.2023

An excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It only contains naturally occurring sugars.

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With the addition of agave inulin - a natural prebiotic
Low glycemic index
Ready in 30 minutes